What are fathers for if not to embarrass their children? £Matt’s father has a tradition where he sings at his children’s wedding. He had been writing and preparing a song for months!— explains Ash who incorporated a few family traditions of her own. £My father is Croatian, so we had the sprigs of rosemary at each place setting to ward off evil spirits and my father gave a Croatian blessing in his speech.— It was these moments, captured beautifully by photographer Andy Morris of Weddings by Morris that along with Ash’s pretty pink hair, made this couple’s day so unique.

While money can’t buy memories, Ash and Matt were happy to fork out on a few things including decorations by Ashdown & Bee, letterpress invitations by The Distillery, a beautiful venue in the Hunter Valley, Victoria Eustace of All We Need Is Love and plenty of fresh flowers. £I didn’t want to have a traditional theme or colour to stick to, but I felt that by choosing pieces and vendors that you love, the theme comes together naturally. In the end it was very country with flowers everywhere!—

Alternatively, anything they couldn’t buy, they made. A creative spirit Ash and a few of her friends took on quite a few DIY projects including their stunning bright menus, floral ice cubes and a cigar and whiskey bar as well as spiced rum and salted caramel wedding favours. £We didn’t realise what an undertaking that was until we were half way through!— admits Ash who went through a similar rigmarole with her dress.

£I ended up buying a dress off the rack and completely altering it with a couture dressmaker. We changed the slip to nude and lowered the back right down and took off some bits and added others and in the end the dress felt completely right to me.— It was a lot to organise, which is why Ash is keen to remind others that it’s the impromptu moments that turn out to be the most memorable. £My advice would be to plan as much as you like, but the best parts of your wedding will be those moments that were completely unplanned.— Like the moment her father took part in another tradition  drinking from a shoe.

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CREDITS Photos Weddings by Morris // Bridal gown and veil Collezione Santina // Flowers My Violet // Shoes Chloe // Bridesmaids dresses Zimmerman // Flower girl dresses Tutu Du Monde // Grooms suit Joe Black // Grooms shoes Antoine & Stanley // Ceremony and reception Mindaribba House, NSW // Catering and cake Bev’s Catering // Cake topper BHLDN // Decorations and lighting Ashdown & Bee // Stationery The Distillery // Hair and makeup Abbey Love // Music Mr Belvedere and Mammals // Celebrant All We Need Is Love // Event planners Special Event Planners // Lawn games Yard Party.