Despite being neighbours for a number of years, it was some time before Bambi and Aden crossed paths. £Aden and I grew up on the same street, but didn’t meet until we were older. I would sneak a jump on Aden’s trampoline often, but never got caught—, says Bambi cheekily. £We eventually did cross paths out one night, and couldn’t help but feel we were supposed to meet.—

Inseparable ever since, Bambi and Aden went on to learn they shared more than just the same street address. £Aden and I are both lovers of old things and go for weekly thrifting sessions. We also enjoy craft sessions at home, with the record player going.— Having a penchant for all things handmade proved to have its perks when it came time for this pair to plan their wedding. £We didn’t have to spend very much—, says Bambi who crocheted Aden’s bow tie plus all their picnic rugs – a skill she inherited from her mother who busied herself handmaking their bunting, wedding favours and Bambi’s bouquet using old family heirlooms.

Aden, keen to be part of the craft club, took on a few projects of his own including having his shirt custom made with deer print fabric as a surprise for Bambi. £Aden also made the arch just well enough that it stood looking beautiful for the entire ceremony before collapsing minutes after we walked back down the aisle—, Bambi recalls, adding that having their wedding at Aden’s family property just south of Perth saved them a considerable amount of cash as well. £We had around 50 people and the venue was the same place Aden’s parents and grandparents got married, so was very special. We had a very relaxed ceremony, wrote our own vows and had Aden’s Grandad as the surprise ring bearer (we taped the ring boxes under his chair). He was very chuffed.—

For Aden the best surprise came later in the day when Bambi changed from her vintage St. Pucchi ceremony gown into her favourite velvet dress – moments that were all magically captured by Jessica Tremp of Brown Paper Parcel . £The velvet dress I wore for the reception was from Swoon Shop Vintage in San Francisco. It was from the 1920’s and was so soft and so different to anything I had ever seen before. I just fell completely in love with it and it fit like a glove as soon as I tried it on—, says Bambi who wanted to be as comfortable and carefree as everybody else.

£We wanted it to be quite an informal affair, more like one big, happy party.— But what’s a party with out a bit of healthy competition. £We had a bake off—, explains Aden of their extraordinary amount of delicious desserts. £All the guests brought a cake to enter. We judged according to categories, such as £needs longer in the oven— £most delicious— £the prettiest— etc.— No prizes for guessing who the prettiest guest was though.

Bambi and Aden’s beautiful little love story first appeared in our annual Real Wedding Special, which features the best real weddings across Australia and New Zealand plus a boat load of vendors, bridal gowns and beauty inspiration. If you missed out it is still available online via Mag Nation – but be quick!


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