Bec and Rob met during their first year at uni but getting married was never a huge priority to them. Finally, after being together 11 years, Rob surprised Bec by popping the question.

Quite close to where Rob grew up, the couple had spent many-a-weekends walking around the 10 acres of gorgeous gardens at Werribee Mansion Hotel and Spa so it seemed like the ideal venue for their wedding. Just a half hour from Melbourne, the picturesque location almost feels like it had been created with weddings at the forefront of the minds of its founders… almost.

Rocking a Luci Dibella bridal gown, the bride looked absolutely stunning and assures us her dress shopping experience was a great one. “I was extremely happy with the dress. Luci and her dress makers made me feel very comfortable with the overall dress experience and I had lots of fun at the fittings. On the day the dress was amazing, the fit was perfect and I was stoked.”

Featuring Hello May faves like I Got You Babe Weddings and The White Tree, Bec tells us about her favourite moment, one she’ll never forget. “Walking down the aisle with my elderly Grandfather whilst Rob sung ‘What a Wonderful World’ was pretty special. The singing was a surprise for everyone, so there were many tears and excitement.”

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