With the help of their friends, family and Billinudgel locals, Kylie and Adam were able to put on the ultimate DIY wedding, doing pretty much everything themselves. A dam was constructed, gardens planted, turf was laid, bridges built, signage handcrafted, jars saved, cleaned and decorated, picnic blankets sewn, ham baked, the whole she-bang!

“This was partly because we were having a big wedding on a tight budget and because we wanted to have a wedding that was uncompromisingly US. When it all came together at the 11th hour on the day (we literally finished at 11am and the wedding started at 3pm), it was awesome to just stand bank and look at the culmination of everyone’s hard work over those 10 months,” explains Kylie, who adds there wasn’t really a theme ‘per se’.

“We really just wanted to combine our favourite things – picnics, food trucks, and music – into one big glorious party. We also both hate formality, stuffy venues and sit down weddings and just wanted something simple, relaxed and fun.”

Married by celebrant Paul Voge with photos by Jess Jackson, Kylie got a bit nervous right before she walked down the aisle. That is, until she saw Adam. “Instantly everything felt better, seeing him standing there smiling at me was quite possibly the best feeling ever. He is home, my safety and to know that I was walking towards him to marry him that moment could only be described as pure joy. Jess actually captured that moment and I think you can see how happy I am.”

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CREDITS Photos Jess Jackson // Bridal gown ASOS // Robes Arnhem Clothing // Lingerie Myer // Shoes Windsor Smith and Zomp // Accessories Collette Hayman // Hair and makeup The Beauty Case // Rings Digby and Iona // Suit and groomsmen shirts Rhodes and Beckett // Shoes HypeDC // Barber / grooming Old Mate’s Barber and Grooming // Florist More Paper then Shoes // Stationery Aimee Clare Designs via Etsy // Ceremony and reception Yarrum Farm, NSW // Food trucks Sigenous and Mr Jenkins // Other desserts Tom’s Confectionary Warehouse // Decorative elements Tattify on Etsy, Confetti Lane via Etsy, Society Seconds via eBay, JLC Inspired via Etsy, Sunrise Imports Pty Ltd via eBay, Ikea, Pink Frosting, Typo via Cotton On, Elegance N More via eBay and kikki.K // Prop and furniture hire Hodgepodge Hire // Marquee / teepee, light and sound hire Mullum Hire // Celebrant Paul Voge.