The lead up to Bec and Scott’s wedding was filled with lots of DIY and a couple of trips to some very handy bridal fairs. Bec tells us ” We attended One Fine Day and Confetti Fair for creative and realistic inspiration, multiple ‘wedding arts and craft’ days, hours upon endless hours making bunting with a sewing machine that kept breaking and Scott sanding and staining the jenga set. Remembering that I had to fit into a fitted sequinned dress also helped me keep on track fitness and diet wise too. At the time you just hope to God that the choices you’re making will look good together. It’s so much fun to see your dreams and creations come together into reality!”

“Pretty much everything you saw was a DIY project!” These included but were not limited to 2 sets of invitations (including one for a change of venue), painted and glittered jars, fans, confetti bags, signature cocktail recipe and menu sleeves. “You name it, we made it!” says Bec.

Their gorgeous day took place at stunning Calais Estate in the Hunter Valley region and was photographed by The Follans.We are a bit in love with Bec’s gorgeous Karen Willis Holmes gown, she explains ” I knew that I didn’t want a big dress; just something simple with understated bling. On the mannequin it didn’t look like much, but when I put it on Roxanne’s face lit up. We both fell in love with the embroidery on the back and as Roxanne said, “only you can pull off head to toe sequins!”.

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CREDITS Photos The Follans // Bridal gown + hair piece Karen Willis Holmes // Shoes Freelance // Flowers Lovely Rita Design // Grooms suit Connor // Grooms tie YD // Ceremony, reception + catering Calais Estate // Cake Mad Hatter Cupcakery // Make up Chic Artistry // Furniture Hire The Wedding Designer // Marquee Prestige Hire.