Imagine rolling hills, picturesque upland scenery and two folks in deep, deep love. Meet Charleen and Momo, a recently engaged couple who took to Saxon Switzerland National Park, a nature reserve in eastern Germany, for a really romantic engagement session.

Captured by German natives Julia + Gil Photography, Charleen and Momo kept things edgy and cool with their raw and natural shoot. Though it was a bit of a hike to get that amazing view, it’s clear from the photos that it was so totally worth the trek.

“It was an really easy job to photograph these two. We love our photos casual and cool and that is exactly what these two reflect. So everything was perfect from beginning,” Julia and Gil explain.

Having been a brisk December day, this beautiful shoot was completed in only an hour… an hour well-spent, we have to say… and we can’t wait to see what their wedding will bring to the table!

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CREDITS Photos Julia + Gil Photography // Location Saxon Switzerland National Park.