Take a talented Event Manager and a seasoned IT pro with project management experience and what do you get? Clare and Johnny’s epic New South Wales wedding, that’s what. Unable to deny their skills, this dynamic duo acknowledges that they were a “force to be reckoned with” when it came to organising their wedding.

After a beautifully arranged engagement at Bells at Killcare, Clare and Johnny’s big day was carefully planned over a two-year engagement. First things first: the venue. A brunch date with a girlfriend at Kitchen by Mike in Rosebery put this awesome wedding space on Clare’s radar. Boasting high ceilings and a lovely garden with an industrial vibe, Kitchen by Mike served as the couple’s ceremony and reception venue, AND caterer. “I couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought about it before and we were both insanely excited when we knew that it was an option,” says Clare.

Admitting that she’s “not big on shopping” and “really not the kind of girl that dreams of going to a bridal dress shop,” it only took three visits to Lover for Clare to fall in love with her gown (which she is currently having altered so that she can wear it again!) “I never looked at another store and never questioned my decision,” she explains.

Photographed by the brilliant Jo Bartholomew, this wedding was one for the books. Far from boring, Clare and Johnny even dared to say that busting moves to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” may have been even more memorable than their first dance and their epic From the Owl cake topper. “We really wanted a massive party with great food, drink, and music so that we and all our loved ones could enjoy the day. We’re a pretty relaxed and fun-loving couple and we really wanted our day to reflect this – and more importantly us.”

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CREDITS Photos Jo Bartholomew // Flowers and flower crown Poho Flowers // Stationery Andrew Frazer Designs, Origrami and Surry Hills Print & Design // Ceremony, reception and catering Kitchen by Mike // Cake Kate Walker // Desserts Clare and Gill Sayer // Cake topper From the Owl // Decorative elements and signage Penny Farthing Design House // Entertainment Matt Luciano and East Avenue Entertainment // Celebrant Alex Lollback // Rings Varoujan // Transport Luxcar // Bridal gown Lover // Lingerie Kiss Kill // Shoes Nude // Accessories and bridesmaid gifts Kate Spade // Hair Clare McCulloch // Makeup Chloe Radzieta // Bridesmaid skirts Whistles // Bridesmaid tops Manning Cartell and Ginger and Smart // Groom suit, shirt and groomsmen suits Joe Button // Suspenders David Jones // Tie Otaa // Shoes Converse // Watch Hamilton Intramatic // Barber Bondi Chop Shop // Groomsmen gifts Lyrical Artworks and InBlue both via Etsy, Bong Bong Books via Ebay, and The Homemade Gin Kit.