The bright and beautiful Sydney wedding of Elise and Mitch features some of our all time favourite vendors, all of whom are so insanely talented at what they do, we are not quite sure where to start.

We could talk forever about the floral genius of Esther and Naomi from The Sisters. These girls do it all from simple wreaths and bouquets to elaborate floral designs and decorations and you can see more of their handy work in issue four of Hello May. We could crush on the visual impact of The LOVE Sign or rave about the talented and oh so friendly and easy to work with celebrant Rochelle from The Asking.

But we’d be doing you all an injustice if we did not bring your attention to these gorgeous photos by Sydney wedding photographers (but always willing to travel) And a Day. Boy oh boy did they out do themselves with these beautifully candid and light filled images.

Bride Elise, who wore a stunning custom made xxx gown, tells us “the lead up to the wedding was amazing.. We had so much fun planning it all, and it just made us even closer as a couple! We had a minor (or some say major) set back, just eight weeks out from the wedding. Our venue called to let us know they had double booked and we couldn’t have the wedding there anymore!! We were really sad at first. After eight months of planning and dreaming of our wedding at that venue, I suppose that is to be expected, but we got back to planning and quickly sorted a new venue (at Hyde Park Barracks) and got back to enjoying it all!”

When asked about a favourite detail or moment of the day Elise and Mitch found it hard to chose, but there was one thing they could agree on. “So many great moments!” Says Elise. “Seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle was a favourite for both of us? And at one point during the night Mitch grabbed me and took me outside and we just had a little moment to ourselves, looking in at everyone having so much fun at OUR WEDDING! I’ll never forget that moment.”

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CREDITS Photos And a Day Photography // Bridal gown Leonardo Salinas Couture // Flowers and floral crown The Sisters // Shoes Christy NG Shoes // Rings The Diamond Emporium // Accessories Samantha Wills // Bridesmaids Cooper St // Grooms suit Calibre // Ceremony, reception and catering Hyde Park Barracks // Cake Cakes By Nadia // Chalkboard hire Belle Adorn // Stationery Charli Design // Hair The Place Hair Studio // Make up Amy Maree Make Up Artistry // Entertainment Marty Simpson // Celebrant The Asking // Love sign hire The LOVE Sign.