We all know that travelling can at times be a bit chaotic. The dreaded jet lag, awful aeroplane food and the gamble of leaving your baggage behind is enough to drive anyone mad. So when Real Wedding Special couple Ellen reunited with Stu at the airport after a week away, it’s no wonder she was a little slow on the uptake as to why Stu had the sudden urge to stop on the drive home.

£I asked him what was happening, and he said he thought it would be nice to have a wine overlooking the city to catch up. I didn’t clue on until he had actually pulled out the ring! Totally unexpected but it was perfect.—

With quite a short engagement (a mere nine months!) this pair found themselves under a bit of pressure (you know how it goes – so many choices and not enough time) until they remembered £it should be a giant celebration, not a stressful day.—

With a new found outlook and can-do attitude to-boot they made the executive decision to have an August wedding and to hire photographer Paul of Finch & Oak, who also shot this wedding here. £Paul took the most amazing photos. We had an engagement photo shoot with him just as a practice run (because we are usually so awkward in front of a camera) but he made everything so natural and easy. When we got the wedding photos back we were blown away.—

While originally banking on a backyard wedding, Ellen and Stu were quick to change their minds after seeing and falling in love with Brisbane’s High Church. £It is such an amazing venue,— says Ellen, who tells us the theme of the day was inspired by her Nana’s crystal filled house, with help from Hampton Event Hire. £?I saw [the venue] and decided that was the look I wanted. Classic and beautiful.—

The reception looked stunning and in line with their vision, with silver and crystal details scattered throughout, loads of flowers and greenery and heaps of good food including a naked cake made by a family friend. But what are good eats without good drinks? This fun pair opted for a unique alternative to the traditional open bar – an epic cocktail station for DIY drinks. £It totally made the night. People could go and make any drink they liked. It really set the mood!—

With the booze flowing things got a bit loose, which led to lots of laughs. £My Nana came up to the dance floor and was dancing with Oli, our MC. She thought she was doing the twist but it looked like she was dirty dancing.— Nobody puts Nana in the corner.

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