A graphic designer and a tattoo artist, Emily and Jean are no stranger to the creative world. So when it came to the DIY aspect of their wedding, they were more than willing to take on a number of projects.

“We did almost everything ourselves, we made the 100+ meters of bunting, the candle and flower jars, hay bale covers and lots of little bits and pieces,” says Emily, who vowed to love for better and worse and to never take on a DIY event again.

Held at Donnelly River, a unique and charming outdoor venue, the unlucky weather was no match for the day Emily and Jean had planned. Despite the rain, the bride still looked absolutely gorgeous in her Rue De Seine gown from Through the White Door.

“I fell in love straight away. It blew my dress budget well and truly but it was worth it to see the look on Jean’s face on our wedding day,” says Emily, who says running around with two of the raddest photographers was one of her favourite parts of the day.

“These guys were real troopers,” says Lauren of Still Love. “It rained pretty much from the end of the ceremony until the reception started, but these guys didn’t let it stop them from wandering around the forest with us to take some photos.”

We think it’s safe to say that a talented team of vendors (including Rose & Bud, Ferguson Valley Events and Paparazzi Photo Booths) did an amazing job of putting this day together. So amazing, in fact, some wedding crashers even showed up… Kangaroos and emus galore!

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CREDITS Photos Still Love // Bridal gown Rue De Seine via Through the White Door // Dress Alteration Shelley Barton Designs // Shoes Therapy // Hair Cody Trimboli // Makeup Debonaire Dames Beauty Parlour // Rings Goldsmith Jewellers // Suit and tie Jack London // Shoes Vans // Event Styling Ferguson Valley Events // Florist Rose & Bud // Stationery Andrew Frazer // Ceremony and reception Donnelly River, WA // Catering Bridgetown Pottery and Tea Rooms and Guardians of Happiness // Cake The Little Cheese Shop // Photobooth Paparazzi Photo Booths // Celebrant Naomi Pearce