As the brains behind her own clothing label, it’s no surprise that bride Ez (who runs ready-to-wear brand ILKA) utilised her passion for fashion when planning the all-important dress, with the help of her business partner Kate.

“I really wanted to make myself a gown I would be proud of and one that was different to others around. I am a little bit in love with Valentino, and looked to their ethereal gowns for inspiration. I knew I wanted a simple silhouette, so began sourcing fabric. I narrowed down the choices and my lovely ladies helped me lock in the confetti lace.”

Held at Swan River Rowing Club in Perth, Ez along with her groom Stu, channeled a dark and moody vibe with lots of foliage with help from Clean Slate and Her Hand Picked Harvest. “Chesterfields, hanging florals, candles and fairy lights. We wanted it to be like a feast in a great hall, with long tables for eating, then everyone moving around and mingling,” Ez explains, adding that it’s tricky to pick a favourite detail because ‘everything was wonderful’.

“The invites were especially amazing. Mitchell and Dent (or Ange and Leah) are good friends, so went about 1000 extra yards in all our stationary. When deciding what we wanted, Stu jokingly told Leah it had to involve flames and an eagle. And so they did! The invites also included the jetty were we got engaged, hockey sticks (both roller and field – our hobbies), a sewing machine and a pint of beer.”

A nod to Stu’s Scottish heritage, Ez sported a flower sash from florist Fox and Rabbit while the groom rocked a kilt from House of Tartan… though things got a little messy. “Right before our speeches, Stu was helping the bar guys/our mates get one of the kegs working, when it exploded all over him! It was the funniest scene to see beer exploding over the balcony. Poor Stu!”

Captured by Natasja Kremers Photography and Glenn Weaver, this pair agrees that the meaning of marriage is simple: “Soup when you’re sick, a pal to cuddle on a late night walk home after many beer and wine, mornings with a smile, coffee on the table before you wake, a permanent travel companion, adventure and warmth with a single look.”

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CREDITS Photos Natasja Kremers Photography and Glenn Weaver // Bridal gown, bridesmaids dresses and flower girl ILKA // Bride and bridesmaids shoes Hunter Store // Accessories The Annex // Rings Carillon City Antiques and Jewelry By Johan via Etsy // Hair Simone Hall Hair // Makeup Rebecca Collins Make Up // Grooms shirt Politix // Barber / grooming Westons Barbers // Kilt House of Tartan // Florist Fox and Rabbit // Stationery and signage Mitchell and Dent // Ceremony Private property, WA // Reception Swan River Rowing Club, WA // Catering Matilda Bay Restaurant, WA // Decorative elements Clean Slate // Prop and furniture hire Her Hand Picked Harvest // Celebrant Shannon Fleming // Cinematographer Tilt Productions.