It helps to have friends in high places, just ask Gabbie who, as a photographer, really had the hookup when organising her wedding. Having attended photography school with Aussie legend Madeline Druce, Gabbie was over the moon when she saw Madeline would be in the U.S. the summer she and Ross were getting married.

“I just prayed that it would work out. I am in love with how she sees the world. She captures very deep, honest emotion in her work. I also think she’s very artistic and plays with light beautifully.”

Held in the midwestern state of Wisconsin, Gabbie and Ross got hitched at Gabbie’s family cabin on Clear Lake, the couple only really kept one goal in mind. “The main thing we wanted was for it to be a reflection of our relationship, and more importantly a thank you to the people who helped us become the people and the couple we are,” explains Gabbie, who wore a Fawn and Cub bridal gown – which Ross was taken aback by.

“I was absolutely stunned by my wife’s wedding dress. She’d had it designed by a close friend and fashion designer, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect until I saw her in it for the first time. Needless to say she looked stunning.”

Let us not forget to mention one teensy little aspect (and why, from the photos, it may seem like there were two ceremonies)… that’s because there were! “My family is South Indian so we had an Indian ceremony and a Western ceremony. While I am very much connected to my Indian roots, I never thought I would connect as much as I did with the wedding ceremony. We get blessings individually from our parents and then as a couple and I just could not keep it together when I got blessings from my family the last time as an individual. It was so overwhelming.”

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CREDITS Photos Madeline Druce Photography // Bridal gown Fawn and Cub // Shoes Stitchwallah and ASOS // Accessories Lucky Brand, Nasty Gal, Anthropologie and Miss Leah Dee via Etsy // Hair and makeup Nicole George // Suit Lakshmi Tailors // Shirt Massimo Dutti // Groomsmen gifts Stanley Flasks via Amazon // Flower girls Nordstrom // Stationery Diva Meshia Arif // Printer The Distillery Indonesia // Ceremony and reception Private property, USA // Catering The Underground Catering // Prop and furniture hire A La Crate Vintage // Marquee / teepee AC & Sons.