Georgie and Justine’s wedding was the very definition of what a wedding should be… a room full of family and friends, celebrating two people in love with Dad shedding a tear during speeches, friends going nuts on the dance floor and good times clearly being had by all!

As for the theme of their gorgeous wedding held at Tatra in Mt Dandenong, Victoria, Justine tells us “Puzzle pieces were a main theme in our wedding. About a month into our relationship, I bought Georgie and myself a pair of necklaces which were interlocking brass puzzle pieces in which one is engraved ‘you’ and one engraved ‘me'”. Then for their ‘save the date’ cards, they had a stamp made of these puzzle pieces from an Etsy store JL Mould. The theme followed from there to the centrepieces, which were jigsaw puzzles that Justine spray painted in their theme colours.

Georgie and Justine both rocked gorgeous Carla Zampatti gowns on the day and shopping for them was surprisingly easy! “We both found our dresses on our first outing to look for dresses. We had an idea of what we were looking for (not white, not matching, elegant/formal, floor length) and we pretty much both fell in love with the first dress we found. Neither of us is very fussy and when we find something we love and feel good in we just know its right. The same thing happened with the venue, Tatra was the first place we saw and we just knew it was THE place.”

Their bright, loved filled, blue sky day was photographed by one of our fave Melbourne photographers Lakshal Perera. Of this gorgeous couple Lakshal says “Justine and Georgie are truly beautiful souls  I can’t remember the number of hugs that I received from them during the day. I know that they’re my friends now, I feel it and they told me as much. Oh, and they’re coming to the party that Kristen and I are hosting for our cats’ birthdays. Nothing says true friendship like a shared love of cats.”

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CREDITS Photos Lakshal Perera // Bridal gowns Carla Zampatti // Flowers Thrive Flowers and Events // Rings e.g.etal // Ceremony + reception Tatra // Cake Justine’s mum // Hair and makeup Bernice Mansfield // Photo Booth Photo Booth Rental Melbourne // Cinematographers Point Cool Productions.