oh-me-oh-my do we have a beauty for you today! We love anything that’s a little different here at Hello May and Harmony and Grant’s wedding has difference in spades! So much so we are not quite sure where to start.

Perhaps with her locally made bridal gown by All That Remains, or her hand made shoes from a small village in Northern Thailand, or maybe we should kick things off with her oh so unique Love Lasso ring by New Zealand designers Zoe & Morgan. But as great as all of those details are, at the end of the day it’s not the details that matters, but the joy, love and precious moments that played out in front of Harmony and Grant’s family and friends. Moments, thanks to their photographer and cinematographer, they will remember forever.

Their day was captured by uber talented sunshine coast wedding photographer Janneke Storm, (check out this other awesome wedding she shot on our fave UK blog Rock N Roll Bride) and a stop motion video was made by Shantanu Starick of The Pixel Trade. What is this Pixel Trade we hear you ask! Well that’s a unique concept all on it’s own. Shantanu has been traveling the world for two years trading his photographic services for food and board and some friendly hospitality. It’s an amazing idea in which money doesn’t so much trade hands as karmic brownie points and virtual high fives. Be sure to check out the stop motion vid he made at the bottom of this post.

Details and photographic goodness aside our favourite moment of the day has to be when it absolutely started bucketing down as Harmony’s dad was walking her down the aisle, ironically to The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun“. And if you are from or have ever spent any real time in Queensland, you will know when we say bucketing we mean BUCKETING! But Harmony and grant just laughed it off and continued on with the ceremony as their four very wet groomsmen watched on / got rained on! Now if that’s not friendship we don’t know what is.

Of their most excellent day Harmony tells us “we followed our hearts! Did what was us! We did it all together! Grant was amazing! So involved in the whole process. We had a blast organising it all!! There was no stress.. As we were doing what felt right for us! We have had so many of our guest say it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been too!”

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CREDITS Photos Janneke Storm // Cinemtaographer The Pixel Trade // Bridal gown All That Remains // Floral crown A Sculpted Leaf // Flowers Heavenly Blooms // Rings Zoe & Morgan // Accessories Cool Baby Cool // Bridesmaids dresses Alice McCall // Grooms suit Country Road // Grooms shoes Converse // Ceremony and reception Family property // Catering Gopals // Hair and makeup Annette Cacciola.