Move over Martha Stewart, Jasmine and Ben have arrived and they mean business. Our couple from Issue four were on board the DIY bandwagon from the very beginning, and the results quite frankly, blew our minds.

“Ben and I have always been the DIY couple that loves having a go – even down to renovating our home. So we thought it would be cool to do our wedding our way”. tells Jasmine. “We made everything. Ben is a master and actually enjoyed our ‘crafternoons’ and trips to Lincraft.” So much so that Jasmine says the staff at Lincraft tended to get a little jealous at Ben’s enthusiastic involvement!

With a diverse range of interests, from the 50s and vintage, to glitter and craft, along with “a bit of Martha Stewart”, Jasmine and Ben worked to tie these in together. “I think we just saw stuff and altered it to our taste.” says Jasmine. “The main thing that I learnt thanks to my friend Ellen who did our flowers, is to have a colour palette. It made it easier to tie everything in together.”

Aside from doing the flowers on the day for the couple, Ellen was also to thank for the stunning venue that the reception was held at; a private property in Ormiston, Queensland. “We had a really hard time trying find a venue that was ‘us’, when Ellen suggested we go and take a look at her parents’ property. It was perfect. Ellen’s mum is a landscape designer and their property was where the first settlers had all their orchards, the original bamboo trees and stables are still there today which we thought was a great backdrop for our day.”

With their location locked in these two got their craft on. “We made all of the decorations,” Jasmine says. “From the tissue paper tassel garlands, honeycomb ball backdrop, glitter tealight holders, Mum, Danika (my bridesmaid) and I hand-stitched all the picnic blankets, and lace bunting. Our pug Midge’s collar was made from an offcut of my wedding dress, and we stamped all the gift tags for the guests favours. Ben made the quoits game and hand-polished all the horse shoes kindly donated by the farrier from the mounted police. It’s lucky that Ben is an electrician too as he wired up all the lights so they looked amazing. We felt like we had the dream team to help us put all this together, we are so lucky to have so many amazing talented friends.”

Contributing to Jasmine and Ben’s dream team was one of our fave Queensland photographers Jess Jackson (who’s work you can see more of here on the HM directory) and the talented folks from Poppy Cakes who not only made the cake for their wedding day but had a big role to play in the couple’s engagement two years earlier. Jasmine tells us, “Our usual Sunday ritual was to take Earl to Poppy Cakes and all get a cupcake each. Ben said he needed to go to the bathroom, then the staff brought out a cake that said ‘one true love’ on it. I was sitting there wondering if I had forgotten an anniversary or something but by the time I had turned around he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so shocked my ultimate reply was, “‘what the f**k are you doing!’ Of course I said yes!”

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CREDITS Photos Jess Jackson // Bridal gown MerlettoVintage via Etsy // Veil MelindaRoseDesign via Etsy // Shoes Nine West // Rings Brett Low // Bridesmaids dresses Coutura Vintage // Bridesmaids hair piece Alannah Hill // Groom and groomsmen suits and bow ties Wil Valor Milton // Grooms shoes Asos // Suspenders Rugged Uncle Co // Groom and Groomsmen hair Bare Bones Barbershop // Ceremony and reception private property, QLD // Catering Flour and Chocolate and JR’s Smokehouse Barbecue // Cake Poppy Cakes // Hair and makeup Fabulous Everything // Celebrant Paul Voge // Transport Limoso