Following a Thailand engagement (that included a smiley faced flashing plastic ring), Jessica and Ian spent their 15 month engagement envisioning a warehouse wedding… that is, until they decided to make things sweet and simple by getting married in an already set-up venue.

Farm Vigano was the first and only venue of this kind that we looked at. We’d been there for lunch before and loved the property (not to mention the food) – you could easily be somewhere in Tuscany if it wasn’t for the surrounding Australian bushland,” explains Jessica, who utilised Hello May faves I Got You Babe Weddings and Larsen Jewellery to help pull of their special day.

“We opted for a very relaxed day… Good food, decent alcohol and great music. The thought of a traditional wedding didn’t really appeal to us, which is why we decided to go for a casual celebration instead,” she tells us, adding that her Karen Willis Holmes wedding dress was one for the memory books.

Happily married and living a life full of life, the couple says that one of their best decisions was hiring legend videographer Light Noise Films. “We originally thought it may be overkill but my parents talked us into it and I’m so grateful that they did. The video is a little piece of the day that we can share for years to come.”

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