Picture this: 360 degree views of escarpment and valleys and a couple head over heels in love. Meet Kat and Matt who are getting hitched in Sydney later this year and we’re so pleased to share their gorgeous engagement portraits with you!

With the lovely Willow & Co team behind them (camera in hand), these lovebirds headed up to the Blue Mountains to explore beautiful Blackheath.

While their shoot had already been rescheduled once to wet weather and the weather wasn’t looking particularly cooperative again on this day, they suited up (quite literally) and braved the weather and, man, was it worth it.

Moody clouds, wild winds and warm light breaking through made for the most romantic and dramatic backdrop they could have asked for. Kat, a real trooped, battled the chilly weather in her romantic Lover dress, keeping warm by snuggling up to Matt who would wrap his jacket around her, which Willow & Co captured flawlessly. We have to admit – we’re counting down the days until we can squeal over their wedding photos (insert heart eyes emoji).

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CREDITS Photos Willow & Co // Dress Lover.