Queensland wedding photographer Jess Marks recently hit the mean streets of Brisbane with newly engageed Kat and Miles to have a bit of atrial portrait session in the lead up to their day of days.

Jess tells us “whilst we don’t like to go crazy and over style shoots, bringing a few things along actually works as a pretty good icebreaker for most people. But sometimes, at the right time, with the right people… bringing skateboards, magnifying glasses and balloons is totally acceptable. And this was just the right time, right place, right people…. and the right weather”

We couldn’t agree with Jess more. There has been a trend in the past few years for over styled and staged set ups for engagement and portrait sessions which can lead to couples feeling a little stiff in front of the camera in such a foreign environment. Pre-wedding portrait sessions are great as it affords you the time to get to know your photographer and get comfortable in front of the lens but we always encourage our readers to keep it simple… go about your usual weekend business and just have your photographer along for the ride and if a few props will lighten the mood, then why the hell not!

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