Barney and Kate’s story is one of the most powerful and inspirational we’ve ever read. As a passenger in a tragic car accident some years ago, Barney was left quadriplegic, unable to use his arms and legs ever again. Despite this hardship, he made it his mission to only ask the love of his life, Kate, to marry him when he’d be able to kneel down to propose, stand at the altar and dance at his wedding.

With the help of an ultra-supportive network of friends, family and Neurophysics Functional Performance trainer Ken Ware, Barney was able to attain his ultimate goal, regardless of any obstacles and struggles that came his way.

“After two years of rehab, I had just sang the American national anthem at the San Diego Padres Major Baseball Team game, there was an event up top that overlooked the field. After I sang we went and joined all our American friends. While I was being distracted Barney got set up into the kneeling position with the help of his trainers and I walked around to see a red carpet with rose petals, the sound of Train’s ‘Marry Me’ and Barney at the end on one knee with the ring in his hand. It was amazing.”

Held at Marlowe House on the North Coast, Barney and Kate opted for a super unique theme: pure imagination, inspired by the original ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’, the groom’s mega sweet tooth, and the couple’s very essence of their relationship and life. “We dream big and we follow it! We wanted our friends & family to experience that special thing that makes our relationship what it is. We also worked very hard to create the best vibe and aesthetic with a bohemian glamour feel,” explains Kate, who utilised stylists North Coast Luxury Weddings and Rosie Pose Events to help pull off their fun-filled day.

With the help of Candy Land Buffets, Bel’s Bakery and Mumma’s Whisk, the Willy Wonka theme came out full swing with a dessert tent where literally everything was edible – there were fairy floss trees, a chocolate fountain, brownie dirt and giant gummy bears galore (YUM!). “Everyone involved went above and beyond for our day. But the highlight definitely was the Willy Wonka dessert tent! It was heaven for anyone who has a sweet tooth,” the pair tells us, adding that though the entire day (captured by Moore Photography) was magical, it was the first dance that stood out the most.

“It literally was our first dance we had ever had together in the eight years we had been together without having any safety net around us and for the entirety of the song. The lights were shut off while we set up and that was our entrance to the reception. We danced the song ‘Pure Imagination’. We had never had that experience before to dance among all our friends as they danced also. It was incredible.”

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CREDITS Photos Moore Photography // Bridal gown and veil Jade Kohl // Lingerie Victoria’s Secret // Shoes Novo // Accessories Samantha Wills and Mimco // Hair Dan Jenkins Hair and Narelle Andren// Makeup Samantha Thomson and Bindy McCarthy // Rings Lebiesh & Co. and Diamond Collection // Bridesmaid dresses Urban Outfitters, Revolve and Asos // Jacket Tom Ford // Shirt, pants and groomsmen suits Calvin Klein // Bow tie Mr Bow // Shoes Senso // Socks Stance // Event planner / Stylist North Coast Luxury Weddings and Rosie Pose Events // Florist Bowerbird and Browne // Ceremony and reception Marlowe House, NSW // Catering Fiasco, Mamagoto and Moroccan // Other desserts Candy Land Buffets, Bel’s Bakery and Mumma’s Whisk // Marquee Stretch Marquees & Fabric Structures // Lighting / sound hire Any Entertainment // Entertainment Ned Philpot and Kid Mac // Celebrant Michael Quinn and Lisa Flynn // Cinematographer Way Back Films and Garage Entertainment.