With a romantic and rustic theme in mind, Kristen and Jake started planning their wedding at the only venue they’d ever considered: Kristen’s family home.

“I had always dreamed of getting married at my childhood farm. It’s just such a beautiful place with stunning views, it would’ve been silly to do it anywhere else,” she explains, adding that the day was inspired by her adoration for old, classic love music and fairytale dreams.

“We chose a muted colour palette of timber whites, ivory, lush greens, rose, pinks, reds and gold. Lights everywhere the eyes can see. Whether it was twinkling fairy lights or hanging light bulbs off ladders to the dim warmth of hundreds of burning candles scattered amongst the venue. We wanted great food, good music and good times.”

And that they had. Captured by Carly Brown Photography and cinematographer Byron Wedding Visual, the couple sought out Warren Earl Band and DJ Jaywalker to provide the tunes for their day, admitting that the music was one of their favourite aspects.

“Everyone danced for hours. Good music is the key to a good wedding,” they tell us, adding that the food by Eat Drink Catering was exceptional as well.

Though Kristen guesstimates that she tried on “around 50 dresses” (or so it seemed), she says that once she arrived at Brisbane’s Bo & Luca, she was in heaven.

“I loved all of them, but the one I fell in love with was out of my price range. I left the store to find something else elsewhere, however no dress could compare to that dress so I convinced my father that I needed that dress as it was ‘the one’ and went back the next day and bought it. The service at Bo & Luca was impeccable and the space is exquisite.”

Though the newlyweds agree that their first dance to Etta James’s ‘At Last’, being surrounded by all the people they love most, and the speeches were standout moments, it was a very big surprise that really stole the show. Literally.

“My family, a few close friends and I did a flash dance, Jake had no idea. My dad started it off by shaking his butt then we all slowly joined in to the song ‘Uptown Funk’.”

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CREDITS Photos Carly Brown Photography // Bridal gown and veil Bo & Luca // Hair Wesley Mitton // Makeup Phoebe FEVER // Rings The Jewellers Workshop // Bridesmaid dresses Zimmermann // Junior bridesmaids Forever New // Bridesmaid shoes Skin // Bridesmaid gifts Samantha Wills // Groom and groomsmen suits Jack London // Tie / Bow tie Asos // Shoes Winsdor Smith // Socks Happy Socks // Flower girls Tutu Du Monde // Event planner / Stylist Luna and Lace // Florist Mooi Bloemen // Stationery Jake May Design // Ceremony and reception Private property, NSW // Catering Eat Drink Catering // Cake Let Them Eat Cake // Other desserts Byron Cake // Prop and furniture hire Hampton Event Hire // Marquee / teepee and lighting / sound hire Mullumbimby Hire // Entertainment Warren Earl Band and DJ Jaywalker // Celebrant Pastor Jonathan Woods // Cinematographer Byron Wedding Visual.