Elana and Uri are proof that when it rains, it pours. Within 18 months, these two met, fell madly in love and married just five short weeks after giving birth to son Gadi. “We decided to get married when we found out I was pregnant”, says Elana. “Uri surprised me with a ring at a beautiful spot on the beach in Jaffa about a week later.”

They tied the knot at Riverside in Tel Aviv, Israel and decided to simulcast the wedding online for the many friends and family that were unable to make the journey. The people that were there however, including Elana’s wonderful sisters, were more than happy to help, taking care of her hair and makeup and their gorgeous new nephew.

Photographer Martine Payne, a friend of Elana’s for over 20 years tells us, “I have never seen such pure joy radiate from individuals on their wedding day. The presence of their son at the wedding meant that the celebration was not only about their love but their love as a family and for their new son, and that love shone brighter than any wedding I have attended.”

Their day was very informal. There were no speeches, no bridal party, no cake (they had personalised M&M’s instead!) and no assigned seating. “We love going out for brunch in Tel Aviv and thought it would be a nice chilled vibe to share, especially for our guests from overseas”, says Elana, who certainly didn’t just talk the talk. Even finding her dress was an easy task. “The dress wasn’t a big deal for me at all – I found it at a local hippy shop after very little searching”, she says. Even their Jewish ceremony, hosted by a family friend and rabbi-in-training, was casually interrupted for a few minutes while she breast fed Gadi.

Overall it was a lovely, laid back celebration and a refreshing reminder, we think, of what really matters.

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CREDITS Photos Martine Payne // Bridal gown Kumba Mela // Hair piece The Honeycomb via Etsy // Shoes Beverly Hills Polo Club // Rings Moran Tal // Grooms suit private French taylor Haudiou // Grooms shoes Lavaorinee // Ceremony and reception Riverside, Tel Aviv, Israel // Cake personalised M&M’s // Stationary designer Mim Kirsh // Celebrant Oliver Joseph