Leila and Jonny are positive people. Splashed throughout their wedding venue were affirmations reminding their fellow happy campers to smile and enjoy the day. “Laughter is a massive part of who we are, so we wanted to make sure that there were smiles all round”, says Leila who couldn’t have wished for a better place to tie the knot than Hunua Falls Camp, located less than an hour from Auckland, New Zealand.

“Both of us grew up in the countryside surrounded in green fields and blue skies and we wanted this to be reflected in the location. With this in mind we decided to hunt down an old school camp that we could call home for a few days.” Their closest friend and MC consequently turned up dressed as a camp leader complete with socks and sandals and a clipboard.

Captured by New Zealand wedding photographers Benjamin and Elise, Leila and Jonny’s day was not only a celebration of their love for each other but for all things DIY too. “We made nearly everything ourselves or with the help of our wonderful friends and families”, says Leila, including all their signs, wooden tables and coloured tassels. Their stunning floral arrangements, hanging lights and smorgasbord of homemade desserts were also done in-house. “They were certainly a MASSIVE hit on the day with big debates ensuing over which flavour was the best”, says Leila about their cakes which she decorated with cute cake toppers by From The Owl and MelaboWed… two of our fave cake topper designers.

One of the biggest highlights however was Leila’s beautiful, strapless Rue De Seine gown, accesorised with beautiful jewellery by Karen Walker and Meadowlark. “I had been to a few shops and felt really lost, but once I walked into Rue De Siene it felt really special. With such a beautiful mix of vintage pieces and their own lovely collection it was easy to find a dress that I loved. The beautiful vintage lace used for the bodice already feels like an heirloom piece to hand down.”

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CREDITS Photos Benjamin and Elise // Bridal gown Rue De Seine // Hair piece The Wolf Club // Shoes Moochi // Rings Naveya and Sloane // Jewellery Karen Walker and Meadowlark // Bridesmaids dresses Leanne Day // Silk gowns Silk and More // Bow ties Topman // Ceremony and reception Hunua Falls Camp, New Zealand // Catering Sauce Catering // Cake toppers From The Owl and MelaboWed via Etsy // Makeup Freckles and Blush // Music DJ Connor Nestor // Celebrant Yvette Reid.