TBH, we’re pretty disappointed we didn’t get a start at Liv and Jake’s DIY extravaganza, because farrrrk did it look. like. FUN! The theme was “garden party with a hint of howdy” (big YES to that!), the bride looked like pure sunshine (literally) in her gold dress, the day two post-nups celebration was a mini-festival with live music and a flash tatt station, and the whole beautiful thing was pulled together with help of the couple’s rad mates, which happened to include the legend that is Jackson Grant Weddings on photos. Dive in, friends. This one is a goodie.

THE INSPO “Since I was 14, I’ve been singing/performing at weddings so over the years I’ve seen my fair share of all kinds of nuptial parties. The list of things I knew I didn’t want was pretty solid! When the planning started, all we knew was we just wanted a genuine celebration of everything ‘us’. The theme was ‘garden party with a hint of howdy’. The non negotiable list was: live music, great food, plenty of grog and homely, authentic attention to detail.”

FAVE DEETS “The 120 Mountain Wood stoneware plates we’d scoured op shops for over the months leading up to the wedding. I feel like everybody gets a feeling of nostalgia with these plates, like having a Sunday roast at Grandma’s. Dinner was family dinner style… big share platters of fish pie, roasted pork and lamb, vegies, duck fat potatoes and local sourdough. Food to warm the belly and the heart.”

DIY “DIY is kind of our jam so it was a given we’d go pretty hard on it. Jake built the timber risers on the tables out of Stanley peppermint hardwood plus all the little timber holders for the place cards. We cleaned out an old canoe we found in a mate’s shed for the ‘grog boat’. I did all the floral arrangements myself with the help of my besties. Jake found an old cement mixer at the tip that he spray painted gold and we used as a ‘Prosecco tub’. I sewed all of the gowns for my bride tribe to get ready in the morning of. Any local mates with fire pits were called on to drop them round to take the edge off the unusually chilly easter night. My Aunty Chelle hand punched little hearts out of gumleaves to create our confetti. Jake and his fad Dean built the stage for the music out of hay bales.”

LITTLE LOLWe had a slushy machine (a well liquored concoction… not for the kids!) set up as a little treat – one side raspberry/vodka and one side gin/lime. Liv’s surrogate grandparents were hooking into it, double parked even! Liv went over and said, ‘Wow you’re enjoying those slushies, Nungy!’. Poppy pulled her aside and whispered, ‘Don’t tell Nungy… I’ve been leaving the booze out of hers!’. The machine already had about two bottles of straight fire in each side… Poppy was then free pouring on top!”

MEMORABLE MOMENTS “The rain held off for most of the ceremony, only when our celebrant Archibald Jacobs made mention of my late dad did the thunder crack and the storm really roll in… like he was making himself known! Day two was pretty epic, too… we threw a mini festival called ‘Hitch Fest’ and all our rad mates played music, we had a tattoo artist doing flash tatts (Jake’s dad was first cab off the ranks and got our names in a heart on his leg… tears!), we kicked up our heels in the mud. It was epic.”

STANDOUT VENDOR “JACK. SON. GRANT! Say it louder for those in the back, you say? JACKSON GRANT! We knew he was going to kill it, but absolutely threw any expectation out the window and tripled the execution. Jackson’s ability and willingness to just roll with the punches and do whatever needed to be done to get those epic shots was so amazing. But also managed to do it so effortlessly and stealth like?! WEAPON.”

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