Love is all you need, but what you want is a wedding like this one. Cheesy we know but true. Complete with an amazing Amanda Garret gown, gorgeous letterpress stationary from The Collectors Room and one of the most spectacular countryside properties we ever did see.

“Our wedding was held on my family’s sheep and cattle farm in the small town of Walcha, in the northern tablelands of NSW”, says Lucy about the place where Nick also proposed. “My family’s farm is such a special place for me, and it’s been a really special place for Nick and I over the years too, so I think it was the perfect place for us.”

With plenty of help from family and friends, Lucy and Nick transformed this bare space into something quite magical. “Dad was in charge of everything to do with the marquee?it was his baby”, says Lucy whose father just so happens to be a well recognised sculptor and winner of last year’s Sculpture by the Sea. “My mum dip dyed 140 napkins by hand and spent ages foraging for and drying flowers to make the posies which we used as a decoration and as the favours for gifts. We also hand poured all the soy wax candles for the tables into mason jars, and hand painted all the table numbers onto woodblock off-cuts.” The personalised, vintage car courtesy of a family friend made for a perfect photo prop, while the floral arrangements by local florist Robyn Lyon complimented their simple colour palate beautifully.

Owner of catering company The Wild Rabbit Catering, Lucy was very careful in choosing Relish Catering to serve their guests an assortment of canapĂ»?s, tapas and roaming desserts. Much like her gown, available at The Babushka Ballerina and The Bridal Atelier, everyone was pleased with her decision. Unfortunately the one thing they weren’t able to pick was the weather but after ten years together, nothing was going to rain on their parade. “We were worried about the dust?but when the drought decided to break the day before the wedding, suddenly the issue was mud!” says Lucy.

Luckily, while talented photographer Cassandra Sutton was there to capture every, rainy moment, her dad was there to lighten the mood, singing Chad Morgan’s The Fatal Wedding during speeches. “As he sang the final verse ‘And then the heavens broke open, And the rain it started to fall, And the whole flamin’ town got washed away, And there was no one left at all’, you could here the rain falling on the marquee?. the end to a four month drought!”

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CREDITS Photos Cassandra Sutton // Bridal gown and veil Amanda Garrett // Shoes Tony Bianco // Flowers Robyn Lyon // Rings Karen Lindley // Grooms suit M.J. Bale // Bow ties Hank In Chief // Ceremony and reception private property // Catering Relish Catering // Cake Miss Marion Bakes // Stationary The Collectors Room // Hair Emma Relf // Makeup Erin Nelson // Music The Stray Dogs // Celebrant Carrie Frith