“We actually met because my brother-in-law brought Kevin to a barbeque to set him up with my flatmate. Needless to say, that set up failed but another one succeeded,” says Lydia who wore the stunning Daisy by Katie Yeung and rings from Good Gold. The stories don’t stop there…just read the proposal piece below. Also, their definition of marriage is one not to be missed. Oh and they learnt some things, friends, and they are too good not to share. So scroll down for all. Pics by Jesse and Jessie Weddings

THE PROPOSAL “Kevin pulled out a calendar he’d made [for my birthday]. We have this thing for tacky gifts – so a calendar was definitely on-brand. He started going through all of the months, showing me each picture – some were nice, most were a bit silly and funny. Then he sat down beside me and told me to read through it. He’d put in every significant date from our relationship – the day we met, someday where we’d both become very concerned about a missing dog in our area, our first trip together, when we said I love you. Then we landed in February, and on the 8th there was something stuck on. I saw what was underneath and my hands got the shakes so bad that I couldn’t pull it off, Kevin had to help me, and then asked me to marry him.” 

THE VENUE “We were on the lookout for something that felt like it celebrated Indian culture and served really delicious food. We also wanted something that would mean minimal work for our families. This was actually a way taller task than we had imagined. When we went to IVillage at Victoria, Dimple (their owner) was so incredible and willing to work with us to get what we wanted. We loved it.”

FAVOURITE DETAILS “We loved our flowers. Not just how they turned out, but what they meant to us. My sister got married earlier in the year, and she spent a lot of timing finding and drying flowers, which she was generous enough to share with us. We also dried flowers that we received throughout the year from people we loved and added them to our collection. It felt like I got to carry wee pieces of people I loved with me throughout the day.”

THE DRESS “I only went to Daisy by Katie Yeung and bought my dress from there the same day. I didn’t find it the magical experience that everyone seems to think it is – bridal showrooms have really full-on lights in the changing rooms, and I was so aware of how one half of me seemed to fit one size while the other half needed a size up. So a note for other brides: it’s ok if it’s a bit hard at first. The only thing I really knew was that I didn’t want lace, so that made things tricky too. Sharon at Daisy was really helpful though, and we got there with the second to last dress. I didn’t cry or call it the one, but I loved that it celebrated me. I loved how I looked in that dress and I loved it even more on my wedding day.”

COOL CUSTOMS “It was really important to us that our faith was at the centre of our day, so everything from our vows through to our readings was reflective of that. It was also really important to us that we honoured where we’ve come from. Each of our parents prayed a blessing over us in their native tongue. For my (Kevin) parents, that was in Telugu and Gujurati, and for Lydia’s parents, it was an Irish blessing and an English prayer.”

MARRIAGE MEANS “Marriage is the safest place to annoy and be annoyed. There is a lot of joy to be found in watching another person fumble about for the snooze on the alarm every day. There’s something comforting about eating excessive amounts as a unit, knowing that you’re both letting go a little because you’re happy that this is it. It’s about showing up for the person you chose when you don’t know how to. Being present when it would be easier not to. Marriage is a choice that we get up and make every morning, long before teeth are brushed and hair is shed in the shower. A choice that we’ve decided we’re quite happy to make until we have no teeth left to brush, and very thin hair that we can’t afford to shed. A choice to love each other, to be kind, and to be there.”

A WORD OF ADVICE “COVID made 2020 a less than ideal year to plan a wedding in but if it taught us anything, it’s that the only thing that really matters is that you get to marry your favourite person in the presence of your favourite people. If you get to do that, it’s going to be the best day of your life, regardless of what your table settings look like.”

WE’RE GLAD WE… “When we initially set out to do our wedding, we had planned on pulling off a whole lot of DIY. We are SO grateful we didn’t stick to this plan. For some people, that might’ve been a fun experience, but for us, it would’ve been a nightmare. We were so glad that we booked a restaurant that already looked lovely, and already had staff, instead of frantically trying to pull together a restaurant experience. We’re also really glad we did an engagement shoot first. It meant that when the camera showed up on our wedding day, we knew what to expect.”

Daisy by Katie Yeung was incredible. At my final fitting, I didn’t look so good in my dress. I’d lost a bit more weight, and it just wasn’t sitting right. Afterwards, I drove my mum and my sister to my favourite cookie place, ate my feelings, and then touched base with the team at Daisy to let them know how I was feeling and ask if there was anything they could do. They called straight back and had me in their showroom within an hour, fixed everything perfectly without question or blaming me for extra weight loss. It was such an amazing experience and I felt so great on the day. Also, we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Jesse and Jessie Weddings is so much fun to be around, and it just felt like having another family member with us when he showed up to start taking pictures. We were so stoked with our wedding photos – he captured us perfectly.”

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