This couple, this wedding, these photos! We have no words, well we don’t need words anyway! The beauty of Martine and Asher’s day of day shines through these images all on it’s own.

Wedding photographer and the genius behind the lens of these particular photos, Nina Claire, tells us “Martine and Asher got married under a beautiful crocheted lace Chuppah that Martines Father had made especially for them. When the sun shone through it it created some intricate shadows so I posed Martine and Asher underneath it and shot some really gorgeous portraits. I think it’s beautiful to create portraits incorporating elements of the wedding that are special to the couple.”

The wedding itself was planned in under three months with Marine explaining “We were living together in New York last year for 3 months, and i had gone to a Photography seminar in Palm Springs for the week alone. When i arrived home one night he had filled the apartment with candles and flowers. We decided for a very short engagement of about 3 months. We didn’t want to create to much fuss or planning around the whole thing and were keen to keep it low key and as casual as possible.”

Assembling a team of seasoned professionals including Hair stylist Liv Lundelius and stationery designer The Print Fairy, just to name a few, Martine and Asher’s day went off with out a hitch.

Martine goes on to tell us about her favourite part of the day… “probably both of us being so unexpectedly moved while I was walking down the aisle towards him. It was such an overwhelming intense moment i couldnt even look at him as i approached, and have been told Asher’s face and reaction matched this intensity. The Jewish Dancing was also a wonderful and crazy moment, and you could really feel the energy, love and support of everyone there to celebrate together, that was really lovely.”

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CREDITS Photos Nina Claire Photography // Bridal gown Salita Matthew // Flowers and floral crown Dusty Miller Designs // Shoes Zomp // Grooms suit Country Road // Grooms shirt and shoes ZARA // Ceremony, reception and catering The Grounds of Alexandria // Stationery The Print Fairy // Hair Liv Lundelius // Make up Emma Bartik // Entertainment The Cocktail Hour.