We here at Hello May are a little obsessed with America’s west coast at the moment. Specifically the beautifully shadowy wooded glens of the Pacific North West. So when this dark and moody portrait session from Gina & Ryan Photography popped up in our inbox we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Molly and Bryan, from picturesque Glendora, a town filled to the brim with 20th-century bungalows and modest ranch style homes at the foothills of Los Angeles county, recently took to the woods (which you might recognise from the movie ET) with photographers Gina & Ryan to celebrate their engagement.

Photographer Gina tells us “It was a gorgeous brisk evening, and the dropping sun provided killer drama in an environment we could only dream about? all while the two fluttered around each other with such tenderness and awe. These guys have so much going on? looks that could kill, style for days, and such lightheartedness that makes them a complete joy to be around.”

Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---004 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---005 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---006 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---007 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---008 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---012 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---014 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---015 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---016 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---018 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---019 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---020 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---022 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---023 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---028 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---029 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---032 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---035 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---037 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---038 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---040 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---042 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---048 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---054 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---057 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---060 Gina-&-Ryan-Photography---062

CREDITS Photos Gina & Ryan Photography.