Nid and Noel spent a little longer than the usual one night apart before the lead up to their wedding. Nid tells us “the lead up to the wedding was some what eventful but at the same time extremely fun. Noel came up with the bright idea that we should be apart for the lead up to the wedding as to make it more exciting when we see each other. I was not super keen on this as essentially he was kicking me out of our house! We negotiated this time from a week down to three days and stayed at my mums place which was so fun as my brother and his wife flew in from London. In a nutshell I was then kicked out of mums two nights out from the wedding because my brother and his wife had gastro?? and not a pretty one at that. And had to stay and my bests friends place with my two god daughters. Needless to say I had sleepless nights with a 3 year old and a 5 year sleeping with me and arms and legs every where!”

Nid wore a super sweet short gown by Melbourne designer Anessia and explains “I guess I am at the stage where I know what I like so I went off by myself to find a wedding dress. The first shop I went into was the last. Annessia is an independent Australian designer allow you to “build” your own dress making it all the more special. So was able to create a look which I felt suited me the best”.

With the excitement building up to the big day and the dress sorted Nid and Noel finally met at Little Blue in St Kilda with their closest family and friends (including their two dogs Little Chief and Stevie) there to whiteness their nuptials. The ever so talented Bec Rocchi didn’t miss a beat when it came to capturing the good times and sweet moments.

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CREDITS Photos Bec Rocchi // Bridal gown Anessia // Hair piece Bauhaus // Shoes Stewart Wiseman // Flowers Lord Butler // Rings Celeste De Matteis // Bridesmaids dresses Cue // Grooms suit Frank Rocco // Ceremony, reception and catering Little Blue // Hair and make up Marshall Makeup // Entertainment Hypnotic Army // Celebrant Clive Rumley // Cinematography Tony Owczarek.