We’d never heard of a 25 day long proposal before? that is, until we met Phoebe and Brett of the Real Wedding Special. After presenting Phoebe with an invitation to participate in the 25 Days of Birthday’ (on her 25th birthday), Brett presented her with a letter, a walk down memory lane and a small gift each and every morning.

On day 24, Phoebe was presented with VIP tickets to a performance of Swan Lake that she could attend under only one condition – if she’d go as his fiance. Brett then pulled out a ring and proposed! On day 25, the last day of birthday, the letter did not contain a memory but rather plans for the future; a future as husband and wife.

Right away, the pair decided on a Hunter Valley wedding and began the search for the perfect venue. After checking out several locations, Phoebe and Brett visited Margan Estate, smack in the middle of wine country.

£What really sealed the deal was the food. Margan has a one acre kitchen garden and orchard on their property which produces vegetables and fruit for their menu, they source meat locally and have a focus on environmental sustainability,— explains Phoebe, who had a bit of a tough time pinpointing just one standout vendor, though those clever folk from Light Noise Films, I Got You Babe Weddings and Little Wren Flowers definitely topped the list.

£Second to my dashing husband, the flowers absolutely took my breath away. When Kamisha from Little Wren Flowers arrived with the bouquets I was so happy I couldn’t move, I literally just stood there speechless. When we arrived at the reception, the floral canopies hanging from the barrels made me so excited I could have squealed all night; we honestly could have been in the woods,— Phoebe tells us, adding that the day was full of silly (and sometimes stressful) moments including some travel issues amongst the groomsmen and a little prank on the bride and groom which, much to Phoebe’s dismay, did not end with a new puppy.

Despite the nervous, frantic mayhem that a wedding can often bring about, Brett reminded Phoebe to keep calm and carry on down the aisle with these sweet words: £just think when it all seems a little crazy it is just you (Phoebe) and me (Brett), two best friends telling each other how much we love each other—.

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