When it came to planning their wedding, Phoebe and Ryan had a clear vision in mind: a memorable day with good food, good wine and great company. Wanting to treat their guests to a super special meal in celebration of their big day, the pair scoped out their favourite Sydney restaurants until they finally decided on Quay, a luxurious, award-winning restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour.

“We decided on Quay because the food was special, the view was incredible and I would be able to use the restaurant as a blank canvas for the styling that I had imagined. The venue was incredible and the care taken exceeded our expectations,” the couple tells us, adding that their ‘vibe’ was relaxed and fun with lots of colour – hence why Phoebe looked like a Greek goddess in her epic bridal gown.

“I went to David Jones with my Mum in search of her mother of the bride outfit. Mum was scouring the offerings, and I was doing some browsing too. I found this rose gold/champagne sequin dress that had a cowl back, and a sprinkle of sequins over some netting at the hem. It was on sale, and I thought it was beautiful. I tried it on, felt fabulous and told Mum that I thought I’d found my wedding dress.”

With an A1 team of vendors and supplier behind them including Teeki Designs, Grew & Co, The Distillery and Pippin and Otto, there’s no doubt that Phoebe and Ryan’s day was one for the history books. Thankfully, photographer Jess Nicholls was there to capture all the magic.

“She was relaxed and made us relax. Our family and friends loved her and she captured everyone enjoying the party. Her attention to detail, skill and enthusiasm made our day, and the photos she has captured are a wonderful way to reflect on a pretty special day.”

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CREDITS Photos Jess Nicholls // Bridal gown Phase Eight via David Jones // Hair piece Teeki Designs // Lingerie Simone Perle via David Jones // Shoes Net-a-Porter // Accessories Tilkah // Rings Grew & Co and Blackheath Jewellery // Bridesmaid dresses Myer // Bridesmaid shoes Nine West // Bridesmaid gifts Gorman and Maple Soaps // Grooms suit, groomsmen jackets, ties and socks MJ Bale // Watch The Horse // Groomsmen pants Sportscraft // Flower girls David Jones and Cotton On Kids // Event planner / Stylist Pippin and Otto // Florist My Violet // Stationery The Distillery and Kikki K // Ceremony Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church, NSW // Reception Quay, NSW // Cake Black Star Pastry // Decorative elements Typo, French Bazaar and Moontree // Wedding favours The Base Warehouse and Spotlight // Signage Typo and Officeworks // Entertainment Baker Boys Band // Celebrant Reverend Paul Lucas // Transport Roll up in a Rolls.