First seen in the Real Wedding Special, Roz and Jera’s decision to elope came about quite naturally. £We made the decision together to have a bit of an elopement to officially get married, and couldn’t think of anywhere better to seal our hearts than at the spiritual heart of Australia!— says Roz.

Together they travelled for six days (covering 2,063 kilometres) by car from Perth to reach their destination – a snake-venom kit, a she-wee and an esky full of eco-confetti cannons in tow. £Being locked in a car for six days with the man I was about to marry was the best six days of my life?— says Roz who, in keeping with tradition, also brought along a beautiful white wedding dress by Fabled and True.

£We eloped because we wanted to, not because we don’t like marriage or weddings, so we still got all dressed up, had amazing photography and memories, a first dance and a cake and a camel (all to ourselves!).—

To make it official, they invited photographer Lara Hotz and celebrant Jenny Nixon, who landed in Uluru just in the knick of time after her initial flight was cancelled. £We were so stunned, the only person we had invited couldn’t come! I swear even Jera’s beard went pale!— says Roz, explaining that their venue, Longitude 131, came to the rescue by kindly offering to pay for a private charter.

£So everything went ahead as planned!— she adds triumphantly.While admitting that the planning process was stressful at times, £although we’ve never planned a traditional wedding before, we certainly don’t think it was any less stressful planning an elopement—, both Roz and Jera agree that nothing could beat having Mother Nature as company.

£Having the perfect view of Uluru throughout the day was magical and such a privilege. All you can hear is the sounds of the Outback, and we felt so small with these spectacular red rocks and domes rising from the desert everywhere we looked. It was the perfect, low-key, stress-free wedding, and we have absolutely no regrets. Just one very orange wedding dress!—

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CREDITS Photos Lara Hotz Photography // Bridal gown Fabled and True // Flower crown K is for Kani via Etsy // Shoes Spendless // Accessories Umoona Mone and Museum Coober Pedy // Rings Solid Gold Diamonds // Hair Ayers Rock Resort Hair and Beauty Salon // Shirt, suspenders and socks Roger David //
Pants Gazman // Tie / Bow tie Myer //Shoes Florsheim // Watch Sheils // Ceremony, reception, catering and cake Longitude 131 // Decorative elements Blaso Pyrotechnics and Typo // Wedding favours I Heart This, Heritage Oils, Midgie and Cata Group // Entertainment Uluru Camel Tours // Celebrant Jenny Nixon.