For Sarah and Brad, their goal was simple: they wanted their big day to feel like ‘them’ and they wanted everyone to have a good time. “We weren’t after anything too traditional and were going for casual but elegant. It was also important for us to have good food and wine,” explains Sarah, who turned to Google to help her find the perfect wedding venue.

“We only looked at about three locations before finding East Elevation. We actually found a Cafe elsewhere in Melbourne that we fell in love with but the quote came back well out of our budget. After that we had a feel and an idea in our head so I started Googling other Cafe settings that offered private events and found East Elevation,” the couple explains, adding that it’s really hard to pick just one favourite detail from the day, but the bride’s flower crown by Cecilia Fox was a standout.

“We were truly thrilled with how well everything came together. If I had to pick one, it would be my flower crown. All of the flowers in the venue looked amazing and my headpiece was something really special. It completely changed my outfit and made me feel like a bride,” she tells us, though her Carla Zampatti gown made quite a statement as well.

“I felt very feminine and beautiful in the dress but mum had some concerns that I might regret not having a ‘wedding dress’. It was a lovely, stress-free experience and not once throughout the planning or the day did I regret buying something off the rack. Having something so classic and simple also allowed me to have some fun with the colour of my flowers with worked out perfectly!”

Captured by Love Katie and Sarah (who put the couple in touch with Marrying You Two), Sarah and Brad leave other brides and grooms to be with this important piece of advice: “Choose vendors that you like as people as well as liking what it is that they do. We were honestly so comfortable with everyone that we had helping to organise our day that it just made all of the meetings, emails and on the day interactions so much easier. Everyone felt like a part of the occasion and that helped us both to relax and enjoy ourselves.”

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CREDITS Photos Love Katie and Sarah // Bridal gown Carla Zampatti // Lingerie Simone Perele // Shoes Nine West // Accessories Swarovski // Hair Hair Hub // Makeup Pamela Prokos // Rings Larsen Jewellery //Bridesmaid gifts Mimco, Marcs and Peter Jackson // Groom and groomsmen suits Country Road // Shirt Peter Jackson // Tie / Bow tie OTAA // Cufflinks Oroton // Belt Stafford Direct // Shoes Windsor Smith // Socks Calvin Klein // Florist Cecilia Fox // Stationery Ink Hearts Paper // Ceremony and reception East Elevation, VIC // Cake Mad About Cakes // Wedding favours PipsterPlants via Etsy // Wishing Wells Hire // Celebrant Marrying You Two.