Not being able to find any confetti, Siobhan took on the enormous task of making her own. ? £Luke thought I was crazy, I hand punched the whole lot—, she says. What she did manage to find however were two of our very favourite vendors.

The White Tree, home to some of Australia’s best musicians, photographers and filmmakers, were there to capture their day as well as entertain guests and our friends from One Day Bridal made sure Siobhan would be walking down the aisle in her dream dress. The blushing bride tells us “I didn’t have long to find it as we only had six months between our proposal and the wedding, and I had NO idea how long it takes to make a wedding dress but the One Day team were amazing.—

We have no doubt guests would have been counting down the days until Siobhan and Luke’s wedding, having received beautiful, handmade invites from Lady B Paperie, whose work you may have also spied here. One of Siobhan’s favourite details from the day were the flowers done by Flower Jar. She tells us, £the flower installation in our marquee created by Rhiannon at Flower Jar was stunning, I felt like we were in a forest wonderland.—

With help from Blake’s Feast catering, Siobhan and Luke magically transformed their backyard into something truly spectacular. £As for the favourite moment? it would have to have been making our entrance into our marquee for dinner, seeing how absolutely beautiful it looked, and seeing all our friends and family smiling back at us.—

Click here to check out their beautiful wedding video, artfully and skilfully put together by The White Tree.

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CREDITS Photos, cinematography and music The White Tree // Bridal gown One Day Bridal // Shoes Shoes of Prey // Flowers Flower Jar // Rings Rutherford // Jewellery Zimmerman // Cufflinks Cabin+Cub via Etsy // Bridesmaids dress White Suede // Grooms and groomsmen suits and ties M.J. Bale // Grooms shoes Crockett and Jones // Ceremony and reception private property // Catering Blake’s Feast // Styling Laura Marquis Event Styling // Stationery Lady B Paperie // Hair Vanessa Barney // Makeup Layla Stanton // Celebrant Elisa Westein