Like most epic parties, Angus and Stav’s (of the Real Wedding Special) big day had plenty of stories: a DeLorean, party pashes, broken feet, dance-offs and a few things we’re not quite sure we should put in print. Unlike most lovers on the brink of marriage, these two took an untraditional approach to? just about everything!

£We were very careful using the word wedding’ as we feel the word carries a lot of unrealistic expectations about what a celebration should be and excludes people who aren’t legally allowed to marry. We liked the words Love Deluxe’ together and felt they perfectly summed up what the day meant to us,— the couple explains, with a dress code simply stated as fabulous’, the bride sure did dress to impress.

For the ceremony, Stav channelled a mix of 1930s Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood costume meets 1980s Bob Mackie Barbie. Having found the perfect statement worthy dress in the unlikeliest place (Clueless International Fashions in Sydney’s CBD that sells all sorts of blingy Sale of the Century-esque dresses), Stav assures us there’s one benefit of getting married at home – you can easily do a costume change, because two outfits are better than one, right?! Stav’s second outfit was an incredible pink sequinned catsuit, custom made by a very talented seamstress friend.

Talk about out of the box – Stav and Angus (whose day was captured by Shane Shepherd Photography) tell us that their main intention was to throw a party that was full of life and colour and, man, did they ever. £We felt that function centres are limiting, expensive and give off a traditional wedding’ vibe – which we didn’t want. We thought getting married in our backyard was an excellent way to creatively direct the party and have the freedom to do whatever we wanted, when we wanted to,— says the couple, who as a pop art label designer dabbling in the animation industry with a dark past in fashion and Chiko roll frying, and the other a museum exhibit builder come sculptor, there was never any question of the party NOT being a do-it-yourself extravaganza.

£The whole wedding was DIY by the two of us. Everything from the coloured furniture, to the Pop Art mural, to the watermelon shark, to the neon sign, was all DIY,— says Stav, who leaves us with one last piece of advice. £Do it your own way and don’t let expectations change how you want to do it *insert fist bump emoticon here*.—

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CREDITS Photos Shane Shepherd Photography // Bridal gown Clueless International Fashions // Robes / getting ready tees Cotton On // Lingerie Target // Accessories Lovisa, Sportsgirl and Collette // Hair Couturier De Balmain // Makeup The Makeup Wardrobe // Rings Coober Pedy Experience // Suit Jack London // Shoes Underground UK // Barber / grooming Sterling Hair // Printer Vistaprint // Ceremony and reception Private property, NSW // Food trucks and carts Woofy’s // Cake Classic Treats Ice Cream Truck // Other desserts Adiano Zumbo Macaron Tower // Lighting / sound hire DJ Warehouse // Celebrant Leave It to Diva // Cinematographer Dan Brophy.