Sometimes we see a wedding that truely takes our breath away…Susie and Nathan’s intimate elopement has done just that, with everyone in the office swooning over the couple’s gorgeous day and the unreal shots by I Got You Babe Photography.

Having made the move to London with the intention of staying at least two years, the pair made plans to wed overseas, however as Susie explains, thing’s took a turn, “We’d applied to marry in England, went to the local council, swore oaths, signed documents. We booked a spot on an old farm in the countryside…” But as the couple decided to cut their stay short and move back to the land of Oz, they decided to keep it close to home, in Melbourne, Victoria.

With the pair both being musicians, it’s easy to see why they chose the Heide Museum of Modern Art as their venue, Susie adding”Heide is one of local loves…Not to mention the creative feel of the place, knowing that we are somewhere that promotes and supports the arts, that brought a special energy as well.”

As far as dress hunting went, Susie boiled it down to a single lucky day. After a friend showed her Aussie designer Carla Zampatti, Susie made plans to visit the store.

“A friend of mine suggested we check out the One Day Bridal sale… I ended up finding my Kitte Accoutrement Bee crown and sheath in the last 5 minutes of being at the sale. I then steered everyone to Carla Zampatti, went straight for the dress, tried it on and I knew Iwas done. I just bloody loved it!”

When we asked these two what their thoughts are on marriage, we couldn’t be more in love with their answer, “It’s the opportunity to go to some swanky party, but then turning to each other and realising in one look that you’d rather stay on the couch and order Indian takeaway.”

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CREDITS Photographer I Got You Babe Photography // Cinematographer Iconic Pictures // Ceremony Venue Heide Museum of Modern Art, VIC // Celebrant Ritual Design // Engagement Ring T Jewellery // Gown Designer Carla Zampatti // Veil One Day Bridal // Head piece Kitte Accoutrement // Shoes Asos // Hair and Makeup Kim Tavares // Shirt Cecil Tailors // Suit Timmy’s Tailor // Tie David Jones // Cufflinks Cud Worth // Shoes Loake 1880 // Socks Zara // Watch Skagen.