First seen in Issue 11, in Alex’s experience, persistence pays off. You see he pursued Talyssa for almost an entire year until she finally agreed to a date. £I wasn’t into being in a relationship (or him at the time) until we became closer than ever and I saw in him what I’d been missing all that time,— explains Talyssa, who a little later on accepted Alex’s proposal to be his lady friend for life.

Married on a rainy afternoon at Obi Obi Hall in Montville, Queensland (yes it bucketed down mid ceremony and no one moved an inch!) Talyssa admits that, initially, the lead up to their wedding wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

£We were engaged for 18 months. For six months we did absolutely nothing until we decided that we needed a BIG helping hand to get us along the way. That’s when we decided to hire Erin from Hope and Lace to help us out. And by help us out, I mean kick our butts into action.—

Having their own fairy godmother on hand certainly had its perks, including access to a handful of other incredible vendors such as Grain & Co, Fox & Fallow and Retro in the Rough. £We trusted her ENTIRELY so whatever she would suggest we would usually book instantly.—

The human responsible for her gorgeous gown however, was recommended by a close family friend. £We had a family friend get her dress made with a man called George Wu. After talking to him and trusting his ideas we locked it in.—

In contrast, her and Alex’s idea to have a festival-inspired celebration was all their own and something they’d agreed upon from day dot. £Alex and I LOVE festivals. The way they make you feel with the music, lights, the people and of course the copious amounts of alcohol. At the end of the day we wanted everyone to have just as much fun as we do when we go to festivals and I think it was a huge success.—

It helped that they were prepared to take on a bit of DIY which made the day very festive indeed. There were drink tickets, an entry stamp, a flash tattoo station and succulents for all their guests.

£We ended up making succulents as wedding favours. Alex’s mum has about 5 million plants at her house so it was easy to pick where we would get the products from,— says Talyssa, who despite her own efforts is well aware that without their team of wedding professionals, their day, captured by Janneke Storm, could very well have been a flop.

£Alex and I connected the best with our wedding planner, cinematographer, photographer and celebrant. They all went above and beyond for our day and there is no way in HELL we could’ve had the day we did without them. We wanted friends for life instead of strangers for a day and that’s what we got!—

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CREDIT Photos Janneke Storm // Bridal gown and veil George Wu // Robes / getting read tees Arnhem Clothing // Lingerie Honey Birdette // Shoes Windsor Smith // Accessories Lovisa and Goldmark // Hair H&S Beauty // Makeup Tanielle Jai MUA // Rings Michael Hill // Bridesmaid dresses Peppermayo, Forever New and Stylekeepers // Bridesmaid shoes Famous Footwear // Bridesmaid gifts Oxfam Australia // Suit and Tie / Bow tie M.J Bale // Shoes Blaq via Myer// Socks Happy Socks // Watch The Horse // Barber / grooming Carina Barbers // Groomsmen suits Myer // Event planner / Stylist Hope and Lace // Stationery Ivy Invite and Postscripts via Etsy // Ceremony and reception Obi Obi Hall, QLD // Food trucks The Van Fine Street Food and Pop Taco // Beverage Van My Vintage Lane // Cake topper Grain & Co // Decorative elements Ikea // Wedding favours Masters // Prop and furniture hire Retro In The Rough, Moments In Vintage and Hodgepodge Hire // Lighting hire Love Illuminated // Signage Pug & Paper via Etsy and Fox & Fallow // Entertainment Birdman Randy & The Ivory Street Preachers // Celebrant Caitlin Healy // Cinematographer Wilde Visual.